Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Growing

We here at 10DD are ecstatic at the growth we have seen here over the last month. It is exciting to see new members get involved in not only being active on the site but also in promoting the site.

Our forums continue to grow as well as our member base. With the influx of new members come new opportunities. Opportunities to expand the site and share the success with our members.

For me this site is a Dream come true. When you come up with an idea you often have a difficult time implementing that idea. I am so grateful for the favor I have been given from my God and His Precious Son Jesus, who has brought all of this to fruition. May He receive all the glory.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Add Funds Through PAYPAL - Now Available

Great news.
You can now add funds to your account automatically through PayPal.

The current progress of this update is currently at 100%.

We invite you to use our PayPal option or continue to use our AlertPay Option. We are stiving every day to make 10DD the premier advertise and Earn site on the web. We are continually making updates and improving the site to make it a wonderful experience for our members.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 Dollar Dreams - How it Works

How it Works: uses its copy written "Business Card Shuffle" bonus system. For every Business Card you have purchased, you will receive .10 each time the Business Cards are shuffled. For example: If you own 500 Business Cards and all the business cards shuffle once a day you will receive $50.00 every day in your account. You may at that time use your balance to purchase more cards, referrals or Black Belt Membership or you may cash out and receive your balance in accordance with our Cash out Policy. has implanted its copy written "Forced Viewed Advertising" system Forced Viewed Advertising, simply put, forces members who wish to cash out their balance to view your website for 60 seconds. Your website will not be skipped over so it WILL be seen. So make sure at all times your URL is up to date. has been created to accommodate individuals looking to make some extra money, the entrepreneur looking to build their business and increase their revenues as well as the corporate partners looking for effective and inexpensive advertising.

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